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Buy & Sell Crypto Anywhere

Trade your favorite cryptos P2P Web3-style. No KYC. Multi-chain. We buyback-and-burn our $KFIX token. On/off ramps launching Q3 2023 on Avalanche 🚀.

The unstoppable P2P crypto on/off-ramp

KoinFix is middleman-free and traders govern the protocol — not a centralized team or corporation.

Earn Extra Crypto

Makers get 50% of the $KFIX token supply. Buyback and burn. Trade, and build a reputation.

Active Dispute Resolution

Disputes are resolved promptly, initially by the team and later via a decentralized protocol.

Get Paid Your Way

You decide what forms of payment to accept. Create your offers, make your trades, and profit.

No Artificial Limits

Zero KYC. Zero withdrawal fees. Zero geoblocking. Zero middlemen. Zero freezing of funds. Trade free.

Your Keys, Your Coins

Self-custody your coins. Transparent escrow. Automatic proof of reserves. Dump CEXs today!

DAO Governance

$KFIX holders decide the future of the protocol as we build multi-chain and cross-bridge into our Web3 future.

Trade Free.

Trade P2P Web3-style from anywhere to anywhere with anyone.